Training Courses

The marine and offshore oil & gas industries are diverse, complex, and strictly regulated, in accordance with international standards.

ODYSSEUS currently offers a broad range of marine training courses to meet the training requirements of the commercial marine industries. ODYSSEUS delivers training courses and issues respective Certificate/s, related to:

  • Basic Safety Training, as per STCW 95 Section A-VI/1 Paragraph 2, and specifically:
        1. Personal Survival Techniques as set out in STCW 95 table A-VI/1-1
        2. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, as set out in STCW 95 table A-VI/1-2.
        3. Elementary First Aid, as set out in STCW table A-VI/1-3.
        4. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, as set out in STCW 95 table A-VI/1-4.
  • Crowd Management, Passenger Safety and Safety Training for Personnel providing direct services to passengers in passenger spaces for:
        1. Ro-Ro passenger ships, as per STCW 95, Section A-V/2. paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.
        2. Passenger ships other than Ro-Ro passenger ships, as per STCW 95 Section A-V/3, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.
  • Other training courses.

ODYSSEUS is currently expanding its training services to cover additional fields, with the purpose to enhance the standards of the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Industries, by offering training courses on:

      • Occupational Health & Safety;
      • Personal Protective Equipment;
      • Emissions Control and Air Quality;
      • Waste Management;
      • Hazardous Materials;
      • Marine Pollution Response;
      • Environmental Management;
      • Sanitation issues;
      • Port Facility Security in accordance with the ISPS Code;
      • Risk Assessment;
      • Offshore & Oil and Gas Industry Training (OPITO accreditation).