About Us

OMTC provides training services of the highest standards, by well qualified and experienced teaching personnel in high-technology teaching facilities and properly equipped premises. An ever-widening range of independent training services will be provided to the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas Industries with the purpose to further upgrade the standards of these industries and to enhance the professional skills, standing and knowledge of seafarers and technicians. OMTC through its courses contributes in the creation of new job opportunities for Cypriot and foreign seafarers, scientists and technicians.

OMTC focuses in meeting customer satisfaction and expectations, always by conforming to the highest standards and applicable regulations, including the requirements of the STCW Convention, as amended, and the OPITO standards and in accordance with best teaching practice. The promotion of the safety of life and property and the protection of the environment constitute top priorities.

OMTC aims in evolving, in cooperation with specialised partners, into a Regional Training and Competence Centre for the Maritime and the Offshore Oil & Gas Industries, the latter being an industry currently of particular importance for the Eastern Mediterranean region and particularly for the Cyprus EEZ.

OMTC outmost objective is to turn Cyprus into an international training hub in the specific fields, by utilising Cyprus advantages, including its geographical location, political relations and financial benefits.

OMTC training courses are held within its premises, located within the Port of Limassol. The premises extend to 2750sq.m., enjoy direct access to the port basin and can be utilised for both maritime and offshore training. The location of the premises is very advantageous since it is situated: Next to all the facilities currently serving the offshore Cyprus sector.